Importance of Air Filter And Its Regular Replacement In Car That Most Of Us Probably Didn’t Know

Replace Air Filter in CarJust like engine oil, even air filter needs to be replaced regularly in order to extract efficient functioning. A clean and proper air filter is a must for a car to run smoothly without any issues.

The engine relies on the exact ratio of fuel and air to work. The air that passes through the system must pass through the filter. When this happens, the filter stops the dirt particles from entering the engine and therefore keeps it away from any kind of damage. Hence, it is necessary to replace air filter as and when required to make sure the vehicle receives only clean air.

Air filter consists of fibrous material attached to a metal or a plastic frame. The filter should be replaced regularly to ensure the engine gets clean air.

Air filter also helps in premature wear of engine as it is designed to block dirt and debris from the engine. It is very important to keep the dirt particles away from engine to prolong its life.  Even the smallest particles can cause serious damages at times.

It is a cost-effective fix and doesn’t bother you much with the price. It also improves acceleration in a vehicle. A study has found that a clean air filter will help a modern fuel-injected car accelerate 6-11% faster. Clean air enhances the efficiency of the engine and therefore creates more horsepower and torque.

Not just that, it also has its economical uses. An efficient air filter makes sure there is fuel efficiency. A dirty filter limits the amount of clean air entering the system which causes the vehicle to run less efficiently and hence burn more fuel, where as in a clean filter, you don’t have to be concerned about such issues.

Another important function of air filter is to reduce emissions. That is what an excellent air filter does. It makes sure that there is a proper mixture of air and fuel. When there is a balance between the air and fuel the drivability of the vehicle will be smooth and also the emissions will be in control.

Generally, an air filter needs to be replaced every 20,000 to 25,000 kilometres or once a year. In case the vehicle is exposed to dust often, then you have to replace the filter on a more constant basis.

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