Quick Tips To Keep Your Car Picture Perfect And Ready To Go

Quick Tips To Keep Your Car Picture Perfect And Ready To Go

A lot of people still underestimate the importance of looking after their car. Cars don’t look after themselves.

Assuming you are not one of those, here are some easy tips to help you safeguard your vehicle.

 Clean the inside and outside every month.

Not only does it keep your car tidy, it also shows people that you really care about your vehicle. When people see your car clean, they would want to keep it that way and hence you don’t have to worry about asking them to watch their step.

Change your oil every 8000 to 10000 kilometres and use a trusted brand.

Any vehicle owner who cares about their car should know this already. Even experts believe that it is wise to change the oil regularly. However, make sure you go with a reliable brand even if it costs you a bit more than the usual ones.

Replace your brake pads every 40,000 kilometres or sooner if it’s wearing down.

Frequent checking of the brake pads is not only mandatory, it is also a safety measure. Worn out brake pads can increase chances of brake fade. Good brake pads ensure that the tires stay in good condition.

Keep your interiors flawless.

No matter how good your car is, people judge it by how good the interior is. Not only does it give your car a special touch, but also keeps the resale value of the vehicle on top. Make sure you develop a habit to dust off every time you take a ride.

Change out any inefficient headlight bulbs right away.

Headlights are obviously very important during night driving; yet so many people just try to get away with it. Overhaul or replace the headlights if they are not good enough. Driving with bad headlight during nights can be a “nightmare” and risky too.

If your car is not going out for a while, make sure it’s properly stored.

There might be times when your car just has to stay in the garage for a few days. At such times, see that it is properly covered, clean, and if possible, just start the vehicle every now and then to keep the battery fresh. If nobody is around to do it, then you can purchase a battery tender which stops a discharge.

Change the air filter every 50,000 kilometres or every year.

Just like our lungs, the air filter helps the car to breathe easy. It is important to keep them clean and healthy. Untidy air filters will result in problems related to acceleration and makes the car inefficient. Therefore, changing the air filter becomes very crucial.

Use antifreeze to help your car’s engine stay balanced.

Keep your car’s engine temperature in balance with antifreeze every 25,000 kilometres. Antifreeze and coolant assist in keeping the engine in balance and avoids overheating or freezing in all kinds of temperatures. So, in order to stay away from troubles, just make sure to use an authentic antifreeze for your vehicle.

Having some add-on gadgets can always save you some bucks.

Consider having some useful add-on gadgets that will minimise the damage and help you save some bucks. Things like bumper protector, blind spot mirrors, and steering wheel security lock are all a worthy addition to your vehicle.


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