Seven Necessary Maintenance Measures To Prolong The Life Of Your Car

Seven Necessary Maintenance Measures To Prolong The Life Of Your Car

Periodic yet simple routine checks are necessary to keep cars smooth and efficient. Car maintenance doesn’t mean dropping your car with a mechanic. There are some DIY basic maintenance checks that a car owner can do to ensure the car is trouble free.

These seven preventive maintenance measures will help keep your car in good condition, increase the longevity of the vehicle and reduce operational costs.

Keep your tire pressure in-check.

It is very important to have the right tire pressure for the car to make sure it goes the distance. Make sure it’s neither too low nor too high to avoid serious problems. If the tire doesn’t have enough air, excess amounts of heat is generated because of the resistance against the road. Under inflated tires also bring down the fuel economy drastically. On the other side, tires with too much air in them affect the smooth drivability of the car and it could lead to skidding.

Go easy on the gas and brake pedals.

Sharp acceleration and braking can be extremely harmful to your car. The transmission and engine suffer a lot, brake pads and discs wear out much faster. Also, you are burning more fuel than necessary and obviously even the chances of accidents increase.

Park correctly.

It might sound a bit surprising to many. But there are people who throw the car into park before coming into a full and complete stop. It is a habit that should be avoided as it takes a toll on transmission and leads to an expensive repair. The same applies while putting the car into drive or reverse before stopping completely.

Don’t ignore the dashboard.

With the help of the symbols on the dashboard, you can easily make out if there is something wrong. Unfortunately, most of us tend to think we know it all and ignore it. The symbols are there for a reason and  paying better attention to it is for your own vehicle’s good. For example, it lets you know if there is something not right with the engine, which can be really helpful in avoiding serious damage as you will be able to address it at the initial stages itself.

Don’t forget about vehicle inspections and repairs.

Most of us ignore such simple yet important things and later regret when we are forced to pay big for repairs. Just like humans, even cars need regular check-ups to make sure they are in shape. After all it’s your car and it is your responsibility to keep it alright. Regular inspections will also save you lots of money as a lot of serious problems can be cut off as they will be detected and fixed at an early stage.

Avoid overloading.

You should know how much load your car can take. Overloading may affect the car’s suspension, steering, transmission, tires, and engine. It also increases the fuel consumption and makes the car more difficult to handle. Get rid of all the unnecessary things in your car and keep it healthy. Just make sure your car only has the things that are really necessary.

Don’t overload the clutch.

Avoid holding the clutch in for too long at those traffic lights. It results in wearing out of the parts that is connected to the clutch because they are engaged for longer duration. When the vehicle is at a halt, shift to neutral and press the clutch just before you start to move.


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