Addinol Battery Pole Protection Spray (150 ml) - Battery Pole Protection Spray

by Addinol
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Addinol battery pole protection spray 150ml product description: ADDINOL electric contact spray is based on an organic solvent, mineral oil and additives. Performance: silicone-free from chlorinated hydrocarbons very good solving capacity for mixtures of grease, oils and even damp dirt compatible with the most common wire paints and plastics (not suitable for ABS, polystyrene) Protection against creep currents Application: ADDINOL electric contact spray was developed for cleaning and care of electrical contacts and components. Use: Check compatibility before application on plastics and wire paints. Do not apply to voltage components. Do not use after accidents or immediately after operating an electrical system. Spray the metal surfaces to be cleaned and ensure even wetting. Only after the solvent has been ventilated, the electrical device must be re-commissioned.