BMC Motorcycle Air Filter - Kawasaki Versys Ninja 650, From 2015 - FM889/04RACE

by BMC
Rs. 8,999.00


The BMC Motorcycle Race Air Filter No. FM889/04RACE was manufactured developed and, in order to guarantee a still higher air passage opposite the conventional Motorcycling Air Filter for one to Kawasaki Versys Ninja 650 . The Race Motorcycle Filter of BMC permits only one minimum of pressure loss to flowing through air to reach the the maximum at achievement. The Race Filters of BMC for Motorcycles of Kawasaki were developed exclusively for the racing course and should not be used for traffic.


  • BMC Race Edition air filters ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters
  • No modifications are required to install them
  • Designed and produced by Italian engineers
  • It can be used in extreme conditions