HELLA Wiper Blade Cleantech RHD 19" - 358.061-191

Rs. 590.00

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HELLA Cleantech wiper blades give the windshield a top-quality cleaning. This is ensured by their aerodynamic design. The design results in a uniform distribution of forces on the windshield, which minimizes the formation of streaks. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design reduces the wind uplift, thereby reducing the wind noise well.

In addition, the rubber of the wiper blades consists of an OEM-specific composition and is also coated with graphite. This guarantees not only smooth and quiet operation, but also longer service life.


  1. Long Lasting Wiping Performance
  • OE specific ingredient compound with graphite coated for superior wiping performance in all seasons.
  1. Durable
  • Robust spoiler to withstand extreme weather condition.
  • Stainless steel flexor maintains the best elasticity in any condition.
  • Pressure point can share the pressure more even.
  1. Multiple Adaptors
  • Includes multiple adaptors for maximum vehicle coverage.