Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner 300 ml Universal

Rs. 595.00


Deposits in the cooling/heating system create blockages for heat exchange and they also block thermostat valves and control mechanisms. When engine temperatures are too high, the engine runs uneconomically and suffers excessive wear at considerable risk of damage. LIQUI MOLY Radiator Cleaner removes deposits containing oil and lime, and ensures that the engine runs reliably and at the optimum temperature. Does not contain aggressive acids or alkalis.


  • For all coolant and heating systems in water-cooled engines.
  • Compatible with all conventional coolant additives and antifreezes.


Content 300 ml
Application Add contents to the cooling water. Then start up the heater and, depending on the level of contamination, let the engine run at operating temperature for 10 – 30 min. After finishing cleaning, drain the coolant/cleaner mixture, thoroughly flush the cooling system with water and refill it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The content (300 ml) is sufficient for 10 l of coolant (dosage 1:33).

Additional Information
Warning: Causes serious eye damage, May produce an allergic reaction.