Delphi Front Brake Pads - Hyundai Creta - LP3499

by Delphi
Rs. 1,984.00

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Delphi offers Industry-Leading Braking, with “Five Layers of Quality”. Delphi brake pads stop quicker, brake quieter, and last longer too.


“Five Layers of Quality” in every Delphi pad:

  • Shims: OE-quality, multi-layered shims for quieter braking.
  • Back plate: powder-coated high-strength pressed steel for increased strength and wear resistance.
  • OE underlayer: 3mm noise-absorbing friction material for reduced heat transfer and a stronger pad.
  • Friction material: 20 unique friction formulations engineered for the vehicle class.
  • Friction surface: OE configured chamfers and slots for improved bedding in performance.
Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
CRETA 1ST GEN 1.6L CRDi 06.2015 - 05.2018 1.6 L 128 h.p. Diesel U2 CRDI VGT
CRETA 1ST GEN 1.4L CRDi 06.2015 - 05.2018 1.4 L 90 h.p. Diesel U2 DOHC-TCI
CRETA 1ST GEN 1.6L 06.2015 - 05.2018 1.6 L 123 h.p. Petrol GAMMA DOHC-MPI