Lumax Front Comp Lamp GPSY - 033-FCA-RB

by Lumax
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Equal parts durable and cost-effective, Lumax'x OE replacement car lights are crafted to restore safe visibility without breaking the bank. Lumax is a global company that engineers thermal, powertrain and other automotive systems with emission reduction and intuitive driving in mind.


  • Top quality guaranteed from design to production
  • Latest technology optics design for sharp focus
  • Crafted and tested to Valeo’s exclusive manufacturing standards
  • Constructed with premium materials
  • Designed to match original for easy and proper fitment


Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
GYPSY 1.3L 4WD 01.1995 - 01.2000 1.3 L 82 h.p. Petrol G13BB CARBURETOR
GYPSY 1.3L 4WD 01.2004 - 01.2010 1.3 L 82 h.p. Petrol G13BB BSIII
GYPSY 1.3L 4WD 01.2010 - 01.2019 1.3 L 82 h.p. Petrol G13BB BSIV