Magnetic Curtains - V Cross - NV045

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High Quality Magnetic Sun shades for the window glassess, removable for Isuzu Vcross

  • PERFECT CUSTOM FIT TO YOU CAR: They fit the profile of each window due to Advanced Laser Scanning technology during development and snap into place with powerful neodynamium magnets.
  • EASY TO INSTALL , REMOVE AND STORE : Shades can be easily folded and stored in your own Laser Shade bag supplied along with each set.
  • PATENTED MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY : Shades use powerful magnets for snap fit as opposed to metal clips which can scratch your car paint.
  • BLOCKS UVA AND UVB RAYS : Protects your skin by blocking harmful UVA (77.67%) and UVB (82.51%) rays as per test results from SGS Laboratory
  • IMPROVES COOLING AND FUEL EFFICIENCY : Reduces your car interior temperature by creating a layer of protection which holds the radiated heat back allowing car to cool quicker. This also allows you to use less Air conditoing which improves the fuel efficiency.