MEYLE Cabin Air Filter (Black) - BMW X5(E70) - 314 320 0000/S

Rs. 3,812.00


MEYLE cabin air filters prevent airborne pollutants from entering the passenger compartment. Failure to replace the filters regularly may cause the filter elements to clog. The consequence: While overall airflow is limited, insufficiently cleaned air fills the vehicle cabin. As smog and smog-related health effects are becoming increasingly serious, regular replacement of the cabin air filters is all the more important. There are two factors determining filtering performance: accuracy of fit and quality of the filtration medium.



Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
X5 (E70) 3.0d 02.2006 - 03.2010 3 L 235 h.p. Diesel M57D30(306D3)
X5 (F15) 30dX 02.2014 - now 3 L 258 h.p. Diesel N57D30A
X5 (F15) 35iX 08.2016 - now 3 L 306 h.p. Petrol N55B30A
X5 M (F85) M 06.2013 - now 4.4 L 575 h.p. Petrol S63B44B
X6 (E71) 30dx 10.2009 - 06.2014 3 L 235 h.p. Diesel N57D30A
X6 (F16) 40dX 06.2014 - now 3 L 313 h.p. Diesel N57D30B
X6 M (F86) M 11.2013 - now 4.4 L 575 h.p. Petrol S63B44B