MEYLE Cabin Air Filter - Volvo XC90 - 512 319 0000

Rs. 1,504.00


MEYLE cabin air filters prevent airborne pollutants from entering the passenger compartment. Failure to replace the filters regularly may cause the filter elements to clog. The consequence: While overall airflow is limited, insufficiently cleaned air fills the vehicle cabin. As smog and smog-related health effects are becoming increasingly serious, regular replacement of the cabin air filters is all the more important. There are two factors determining filtering performance: accuracy of fit and quality of the filtration medium.



Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
S80 GEN 1ST 2.4 01.1999 - 12.2006 2.4 L 140 h.p. Petrol B5244S2
S80 GEN 1ST 3.0 01.2002 - 12.2006 3 L 196 h.p. Petrol B6294S2
XC90 GEN 1ST V8 4.4 01.2005 - 12.2011 4.4 L 315 h.p. Petrol B8444S