MEYLE Front Shock Absorber Volvo : Xc90 - 526 623 0010

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MEYLE steering and suspension parts, including control arms, stabilisers, tie rod ends, bushings and hydraulic components, are carefully matched to maximise system performance. With uncompromising commitment to applying only the highest technical standards we prevent our spare parts from failing prematurely.


Fitting Position

Front Axle
Shock Absorber Type Gas Pressure
Shock Absorber System Twin-Tube
Shock Absorber Design Suspension Strut
Shock Absorber Mounting Type Top pin
Part number of recommended accessories 514 090 0003
  514 641 0377
  614 640 0005
replacement in pairs recommended  


Model Year Engine Power (hp) Fuel type Engine type
XC90 GEN 1ST V8 4.4 01.2005 - 12.2011 4.4 L 315 h.p. Petrol B8444S
XC90 GEN 1ST D5 AWD 2.4 01.2011 - 12.2014 2.4 L 200 h.p. Diesel D5244T18