Philips HS1 Diamond Vision Moto Headlight Bulb (P43 12V 35/35W)(1 Pc) - 12636DV

by Philips
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  • Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant
  • DiamondVision Moto lights up your motorcycle
  • Philips moto lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass^
  • Philips moto lamps are highly resistant against humidity^
  • Philips is the choice of major motorcylce manufacturers.


Technology Halogen
Application High beam
  Low beam
Range DiamondVision moto
Type HS1
Designation HS1 DV
Voltage 12  V
Wattage 35/35  W
Color temperature up to 5000 K  K
Lumens 390 ± 8% / 250 ± 8%  lm
Expected benefits White light
Product highlight Ultimate 5000K white light
Height 12.9  cm
Length 9.5  cm
Gross weight per piece 76.5  g
Net weight per piece 21.5  g
Width 5  cm
Pack Quantity / MOQ