Addinol Pole Position 5W40 (1 L)

by Addinol
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ADDINOL Pole Position SAE 5W-40is a high-performance engine oil for four-stroke motorbikes of leading Japanese and European manufacturers in SAE class 5W-40. The ideal combination of synthetic base oils and field-tested additives guarantee an outstanding performance and provide an optimal wear and corrosion protection as well as outstanding thermal stability


  • Optimum lubricating effect in engine and trans-mission also for difficult conditions
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness; no formation of damaging deposits
  • Prevents premature engine wear
  • Fuel saving characteristics and higher performance
  • Ideal operation of engine, transmission and clutch
  • Fuel-efficiency from cold-start over whole performance range



Grade SAE Grade (5W 40 J 300 Method According to ASTM)
Vehicle Type Motorcycle
Pack Size 1 L
Pack Type Jar
Density 849 kg/m3 At 15 Degree C (Method According to DIN 51757)