Shell Extra Coolant 3l Universal

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Shell Coolant Extra is water based OAT (Organic Additive Technology). It is a non-antifreeze coolant concentrate and provides complete protection throughout the year in hot climates, gives longer replacement interval and excellent corrosion protection to cooling system.


  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION : Shell Coolants provides superior protection to engine in all-weather from overheating and corrosion so that engine can perform at its best and reduce maintenance cost.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE :  Shell Coolants have high inhibitor levels for extended service to keep vehicle on the road and out of the workshop.
  • COMPATIBILITY WITH HARD WATER : Shell Coolants are compatible with hard water
    (upto 700 ppm)

Additional Information
Shell Coolants are suitable to be used in cars, light duty trucks, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks and tractors. Suitable to be used for all major vehicle manufacturers.