Addinol Syper Synth 2T MZ408 (1 L)

by Addinol
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Transmission oils of SAE class 75W90 consist of semi or fully synthetic base oils. This gives them an outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and they can be used all year round. The oils are suitable for manual transmissions in many passenger car models. They can also be used in axle drives as well as steering and transfer gearboxes of machines. With our oilfinder you can check if SAE 75W90 oil is suitable for your gearbox.


  • Optimum lubricating effect in engine and trans-mission also for difficult conditions
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness; no formation of damaging deposits
  • Prevents premature engine wear
  • Fuel saving characteristics and higher performance
  • Ideal operation of engine, transmission and clutch
  • Fuel-efficiency from cold-start over whole performance range