Wurth Engine Oil Additive 250 ml Universal

by Wurth
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  • Protection for all petrol and diesel engines
  • Extends the service life of the engine
  • Protects against valves burning out
  • Loosens deposits on resin-coated piston rings
  • Removes oil sludge and unblocks clogged oil ducts
  • Neutralises aggressive combustion acids
  • Supplements used up engine oil ingredients
  • Minimises friction resistance
  • Suitable for oil diluted with biofuels
  • Corresponds to latest API engine oil standards


Contents 250 ml
Colour Green
Smell/fragrance Oily
Shelf life from production 24 Month
Density 0.85 g/cm³
Density conditions at 23°C
Min. flashing point 180 °C

Additional Information

Application area:  Add the contents of the can to the engine oil each time the engine is repaired, or the oil is changed. In addition, the engine oil performance improver can be added when diagnosing engine oil.

Instructions: 300 ml are sufficient for 4.5 litres of engine oil. 1000 ml are sufficient for 10 litres of engine oil. Ideal dosage: 10%. Reduce clean oil according to the oil level.