TATA Altroz Looks To Make It Big In The Electric Segment

TATA Altroz Looks To Make It Big In The Electric Segment

The future as they say is electric and it looks certain for TATA as they are all set to make a mark in the electric car segment with the Altroz EV. The electric segment is slowly but surely growing as people are looking to go green. Even the manufacturers are trying their best in the electric segment to produce a car that can match up to the regular ones.

The Altroz is based on the same platform and design as that of the regular Altroz hatchback. Altroz EV has some interesting factors that make it stand out.

The first thing most of them would notice is that the grill is different. That’s because it doesn’t have an engine and hence there is no need for those openings that for letting in air. And even the front bump is a bit different. It has the aggressive look from the front which gives it a more rugged look. The alloy wheels look funky as it adds to the overall look and feel of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the batteries are interestingly not placed under the hood in front, instead they are slotted in the middle under the floor pad and that has allowed even weight distribution from front to back. What it has also done is that on the inside, the floor is properly flat.

Although it is similar to the regular Altroz, it has some difference in styling when it comes to the dual-LED headlamps. The Altroz EV also has redesigned bumpers, 16-inch alloy wheels and a unique black strip under the window lines that stands out.

There were certain changes made to get the stiffness. It has also made the interior a bit more spacious in front. Even in the back, it feels airy and good enough to relax. According to Tata, Altroz EV will be a fun to drive hatchback, and the first look suggests the same. The range for Altroz EV is estimated to be between 250 and 300 kms.

The price of the vehicle is yet to be known as the company has not yet revealed it. The experts believe it could be priced anywhere around 12 lakhs to 14 lakhs. Tata Motors believe they have done incredibly well in terms of technology. There is also something to look for in the cooling and battery management software which is how they have managed to keep the weight as low as possible and yet keep the range high.

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